Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Greetings guys! This is what I was wearing to go have breakfast Sunday morning, which isn't typically my ideal plan for a Sunday morning but why not do something different for a change?
  I'm definitely a flare jeans type of gal and not only because its the most luxurious cut out of them all (knowing how to accessorise and by adding a few sparkles you can look a million bucks effortlessly) but because its also leg-lengthening without the surgery (it doesn't get any better than this) and if it makes me look taller count me in!!
Luxe doesn't always means you have to sell your organs to buy what you want, its about having that keen eye for great findings at affordable prices or perhaps mixing high and low brands to achieve your desired look.

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Hi guys!!! I'm pretty sure this is the first time you see me wearing grey given the fact that it's one of the most popular colour palette everyone wears during winter and I've always wanted to try it.
 Since we are not strangers to this neutral tone, I've decided to show you how I would have worn it if I wasn't so "BASIC", which is never the intention…OR IS IT????
 Enjoy the post and have a continuous weekend lovelies xx

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Hi guys!! Hope you all have been doing ok. It's been a slow start of blogging for me, the neverending gloomy days is just not helping and with sales still on, there isn't a better way to get yourself in good spirit then good retail therapy! Trust me its what keeps me going… think colourful thoughts, it's spring soon xo

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


(Photos by Heidi De Carvalho)
Greetings everyone!! As I said before I don't know if you still remember, but I'm very much into oversized silhouettes- especially this winter (oh! and black pumps). Being a slightly petite girl, yes ladies I'm only 5.1", but I'm sure you could tell, right? Most of the time its not easy finding items that fit my body frame, if its not in the arms, its on the legs, sometimes it can be both. In this case its definitely my arms. I believe altering an inch should do, right? I kind of like the length so I'm keeping it as it is. 
But, How is the new year treating you? Stay optimistic this year- new year, new you. who's stepping out of their comfort zone this year?  I know I am, I'll be making a few changes in my life too but I'll let you know more about this soon. For now enjoy the post xx
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